Toni `Nichole (thrilllllz) wrote in uglyxmugs,
Toni `Nichole

im ugly

xname?x toni `nichole

xage?x 16

xlocation?x durham

xfavorite movie(s)?x napolean dynamite, holes, 50 first dates, ghost world etc

xfavorite band(s)? the used, bright eyes, dashboard confessional, fall out boy, story of the year

xwhat makes you ugly?x i have a really round, chubby face and my nose has a big ball on the end of it. And everything else just sucks lol

xyou don't break mirrors with your ugliness do you?hahahax hahaha yeahhh :-P

xatleast 2 pictures of your uglinessx

Image hosted by
Image hosted by
Image hosted by
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