okay people! this your queen of ugly speaking. hahaha.

here's my survey! (put your pictures in an lj cut or suffer the wrath of the ugly! hahaha)

xname?x kylie or kyleen

xage?x 15

xlocation?x e.p. illinois

xfavorite movie(s)?x the nightmare before christmas, james and the giant peach, american history-x, boys don't cry, can't hardly wait, jay and silent bob strike back...there's lots more, but yeah.

xfavorite band(s)?x the used, rancid, afi, avenged sevenfold, less than jake, mindless self indulgence...and many more

xwhat makes you ugly?x i'm just ugly. and that's that. and i don't get boys. :\

xyou don't break mirrors with your ugliness do you?hahahax yeah [[tear]] XD haha

xatleast 2 pictures of your uglinessx
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